How Long Should You Workout To Build Muscle?

Muscle building is determined by a lot of factors, including age, gender, hormones, body size and composition, and the muscle mass present at the start of a workout. The bigger the initial muscle mass, the easier it is to create muscle and in a shorter amount of time.

Muscle-building techniques

When exercising and lifting weights, muscle growth increases because lifting weights causes muscle injury, which activates the building of muscle fibers and begins the process of repairing damage, resulting in an increase in muscle size. These activities also stimulate the release of certain hormones, which alert and stimulate the muscle-building process. Muscle growth necessitates both regular exercise and a good diet, therefore we recommend the following:

Strength Exercises:

Strength exercises help build muscles, and they are recommended two or more times a week, each exercise must be practiced between 2-3 rounds, and each rounds must be 8-12 Reps, and it is advised not to overdo it when lifting weights in order to avoid harming the body, so it is necessary to gradually increase the type and intensity of exercises.


Your diet should contain all the elements that your body will need, including proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in order to build muscle.

Also, you must eat enough calories per day that your body needs. We have explained in detail how to calculate your calories in this article. click here

Anyway, without further ado, let us look at the ideal training duration.

How long should you workout to build muscle?

Busy people are questioning if it isn’t possible to achieve progress with just 30-45 minutes of training rather than two hours of weightlifting.

The answer to this question is yes, you can build muscle in only 30-45 minutes of training, but in one condition is that your exercise need to be intense and you do not waste time talking to people or wasting it on the phone.

In fact, studies have shown that when exercising for long periods may have the opposite effect.

Because at the beginning of exercise, testosterone begins to increase and continues to increase until it reaches its peak and then begins to decrease.

This process occurs in the first hour of training, and this is the period when the muscle gains the most benefit, that is when the testosterone hormone and energy of the trainee is high.

And after exceeding 60 minutes, the trainee’s energy and testosterone begin to decrease and then cortisol begins to increase. This hormone is in charge of destroying muscle tissue and in the long run this has adverse effects on the metabolism which means losing muscle .

The bottom line is that we want to build muscle, not lose muscle, that’s why it must stick with 45min – 1h range and remember there is an old saying “When things get to their extreme, they turn into their opposite.

And remember also after resistance workouts, each muscle group has to rest for a day or two to allow them to recover, build, and repair, thus it’s not a good idea to exercise the same muscle group two days in a row, as the body needs to rest till it’s pain-free.

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