Should I Do Cardio While Bulking?

One of the most often asked questions by bodybuilders is Should I Do Cardio While Bulking Actually, to answer this question it dependent on the type of cardio you want to do.

Several people with a weak physique ( Skinny guys ) are recommended not to do cardio in order to avoid burning too many calories, and rapidly gaining muscle mass. And that is true

However, there are several benefits to do cardio which I will explain. The type of cardio that I recommend is walking for 15 to 30 minutes, perhaps in nature, or going to work or school. If you walk instead of doing high-intensity Cardio, It helps in the pumping of your muscles and it helps move blood in and out to the muscles so they can bring nutrients in.

This is a significant advantage that you will not receive if you simply sit and do nothing. By doing this, you help the body to recover and build muscle quickly, and train more effectively.

Benefits of Low-intensity cardio

there is two other benefits it is when you walk you’re actually burning fat and you don’t want to build muscle with a lot of fat, because you eat a lot of calories, burning fat is necessary to avoid gaining too much fat.

When you do high-intensity cardio, it activates your stress system, which causes sugar to be burned instead of fat.

You have two dominating systems, and when you’re at rest, the fat system will give the majority of your fuel because it can provide energy quickly enough and you don’t have a high energy demand.

When you start running and lifting weights, your body can’t keep up with the demand by using the fat system, therefore you’ll have to switch to the sugar burning system. As a result, you’ll be under additional stress, and it takes out from the recovery mode and it takes out from that fat burning mode. So if you’re trying to gain muscle while staying lean, this stress-free cardio walking is for you.

Another advantage of doing cardio when bulking is that it helps your digestive system by pumping your organs and having a similar impact to pumping your muscles. When you take a nice big belly breath in and then breathe it out, it massages your organs and allows them to operate better than if you just hold them steady and don’t practice deep breathing or slow cardio walking.

For all these reasons, I recommend including some cardio in your bulking program.

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